This piece is one of my latest. I have a sketch book and I put it to use!! it has a psychedelic feel to it and I am proud of making this. I never used to draw because I didn’t know how. And now that I try, I like to know that I can actually accomplish something that I try to do.

The most times I have seen an artist name his pieces Untitled, was Christopher Wool. His exhibit was shown in the Guggenheim Museum, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan! Even if he is not there anymore, he was a great artist in the 80’s. There’s nothing like seeing his work in person, but he made all of his work in a time where art was being criticized on how there is nothing left to do. Minimalism, Impressionism, POP art, abstract art… has all been done already. He took that and embraced it and created something entirely new, that to me, just showed pure emotion.


Once Upon A Time

Oh such a clever title, no? I haven’t been here in 4 years. The years have come and gone like everything else in life. I read some of my stuff and yes some of it was really stupid but I had some good points, and some of my opinions really have not changed one bit. Like I still love fall. As for my photography, I have learned a lot … all the different types and styles (as I used to put it). And I went further with it, I learned a lot about photoshop, and art. I started to sketch things and use spray paint for some of my pieces. I create characters. I wish I had a model to make all my ideas come alive. This one time.. once upon a time I had this one idea. Now all I need is someone that isn’t scared of the public eye and is open to everything. So I wanna get some material, very long long material and get a girl and put her on a big tree. And then wrap that long material around her and some with the tree, and it would be so beautiful. SOOOOO nice and pretty and my idea would come alive. See, I don’t have many accomplishments, except for my creations. I take pride in them, and a couple of years from now, I will look at those creations and see how much I have learned and created since now to that day in the future. 

I like the past. Who knows what I was writing about back in 2010 when I was 14, and why I was writing them. NOW!! I could care less about what the hell lady gaga does on her spare time..  i still hate her though, no matter what. That is one thing that didn’t change. 

Instead of accomplishments, I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I love to learn!!! haha and that I wanna know more and more and do more and more for the rest of my life.. in sickness and in health. I want to watch all the great movies of our time and of … well I wanna watch the great movies since before talkies. I will find the time. I learned that I want to do something with my life. I learned that I don’t really get angry at things because.. well what’s the point of wasting my time with anger? I know this girl and she gets angry a lot, she’s a bit younger than me and I hope she has bigger things to worry about soon. Or maybe she has a lot of things to worry about and getting angry at things is just an easy way to be distracted. I learned that I am understanding of most people, because for some reason, they are the way they are due to their own past and I can’t really do anything about it except for accepting who they are and understanding why they act the way they do. Then I learned that I like being alone sometimes because I can do my own thing.

I can’t wait to have a successful business, and go to college and meet people with the same artsy interests as me and make friends, and not be alone anymore. I mean, I am a people person. Being a loner is cool sometimes, but its also nice to share interests with people and learn things from those other people. Yes, books and movies can teach us a lot, but nothing is more raw than learning from the real world and what the real world has to offer us. Image

This is a collage I did for FIT, and I will use it again this year, to be honest. Because it’s fucking brilliant and I am damn proud of this hand made collage of my self.