OLD!!!… pictures- with style

So, I think baby steps would be the way to go. When I wanted to learn film photography, which I still do want to, I needed a tutor or a teacher. FAIL. But, I think that I will just do what I know and practice doing what I know. So, I made another video- and I learned how to make better videos, and as time passes by, I will learn more and more and about how to make better videos. Okay, so here it it… my new video.

and here is the link to my page- http://www.youtube.com/user/smexiimarii

This video is about how I made pictures and I turned them into 70’s styled pictures. COLOR, PEACE…. etc.


Not yet…

So, there’s no video yet due to the fact that I haven’t learned anything new about photography. Soon, I will, sometime this week. I’m going to learn about film photography from my friend. He keeps telling me that I know nothing about photography, and he knows plenty because, of course, he’s more experienced!! So, as a result, he is teaching me what i need to know. So, from time to time I will have a video, and a writing piece to the things I may not explain. I don’t know about the pictures, because it’s on film. And, frankly I don’t know anything about film photography, just the fact that it’s not digital.

Which brings me to another subject, the DIGITAL AGE. Which, I am pretty sure are two scary words to the elder people of the world. It’s probably a lot simpler for people. The computer is good to save things on, but on the other hand- it can crash and all the information is gone!! Cell phones are good because they’re useful- they can also be tracking devices. My point is that there are the good and the bads about the digital age. To the older people the bad overpowers the bad. And, to the new generation there is no bad!! So, yeah.

Some things make people stay on the computer for hours and hours…. (me). But, some teens are actually doing things, not only chatting with friends, but blogging, making youtube videos, looking up ways to get a job…. to follow their dreams in the digital age.  These pictures, are before and now…

You DO learn things everyday!

Some time ago I had a fight with my friend. And it doesn’t matter what it’s about because girls…. well, they fight all the time. But, this argument made me realize something. It made me realize that if I have a goal then I should do something about it. I mean, my friend knows what she wants to do in life, and she does things that later on prepare her for life in the fashion world. She is kind of like an intern at teen vogue. Many people can join. This thing is for people who take it seriously and I don’t take that career seriously, therefore I should do something that I love. The same thing but for a different career. I know I’m only 14, but I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do when I grow up.

People learn something new everyday. And, on this day, I learned something about myself. Everyday, I know  more and more about myself everyday, and I learned that she was right. I always thought that I wanted to do photography for a magazine or anybody, turns out I was wrong. I want to have my own photo gallery, or manage one. So, I have decided to go around an artsy place in Manhattan and see if I could intern there. “Hi, my name is Maria Badasian and when I grow up I want to own or manage a photo gallery. I want to learn how to manage a gallery, and how to sell photos. Are there any internships available?” 🙂 So this way I do something for my goal in life. Also, I am going to other things for photography and me, I will practice it and the only pictures going up here are MY OWN pictures.

Life is interesting… learn something new everyday

Material Girl

Material Girl. Madonna’s daughter Lola was the main designer of this collection. Since she is a teenager she would attract a certain crowd to buy the clothes. My opinion is that this collection was that it is a great collection. A lot of things to find in this collection for a true Material Girl. In teen vogue magazine, the August 2010 issue, there was an article about this event. It said that the they wanted to put 80’s styled clothes with a 21st century twist. The collection is held in Macy’s and the decorations are fabulous. The face of the collection is everywhere. The photo’s are great. It’s not so hard to find what your looking for. It’s organized greatly and the first people to shop there were happy and having fun.

On the first day, there were so many people, including the paparazzi. There were different agencies looking for taking pictures of clothes and girls looking at the clothes talking to their friends. It was a fun event filled with treats, clothes, and in the end the feeling of “shop till you drop”. Girls just wanna have fun. For these girls, the material girl collection is heaven. Also, they kept the of cutting the ribbon with the big scissors which was a nice touch to the whole thing.

Not only was there the feeling of being in heaven , but the face of the collection performed for people live. She signed autographs and took pictures that was organized nicely. The only thing that was not good, was when everyone was cramped into a small space to see Taylor Momsen (the face) perform. The paparazzi were blocking the view. When one person stepped onto where the paparazzi were, the rest of the people did too. Eventually the security told us to step off… that the space was only for the news, but there were people that were not working for anyone, and were still there. Otherwise, I still got a video of her singing. My friend and I combined our clothes to make it to 50 dollars or more so she could get a picture with her. They gave you a bracelet to show that you spent $50 or more, which was a smart idea. So, that wasn’t very nice. But, on the plus side, they gave out fancy drinks (non-alcohol) and candy!!

All in all, it was very different from what I’ve ever thought it would be or what I’ve ever seen before. I loved it. It was fun and exciting. The adrenaline going through your body and a smile on your face. Grab-it-if-you-like-it kind of attitude! Material Girl has clothes for a Material Girl.

If you search, Material Girl collection on yahoo.com, there are different websites of pictures.

And, now for some of my own pictures.

The Art of Photography

When people draw or paint or sculpt…. it is not the same as photography. Photography is when a camera captures a picture. That is the function, but my point is that the art of a camera is that it has the power to capture a moment. Whether it’s a  baby’s first steps, a couple is getting married,a man is becoming president or the steps of a flower blooming, whatever it is a camera can tell a story through it’s lens. When a photographer gets their first camera, it’s something special. Well, I am not writing this to tell you why photography and a camera is special. I want to write this because I want to tell you, whoever you are, that photography is an art.

When the camera came out, it was amazing to the people. Of course, it was with the smoke and the dark blanket thing, but it was there to capture the picture faster than it would of been painting a picture. But, then later on in time, things got easier. THE DIGITAL AGE. That of course made things really easy! With the digital camera, people barely had to make any movement, just a click of a button, its all there for you.

The professionals have it different. For them, a camera can do much more. It is art. Not, the art that I mentioned earlier. But, a picture is their own painting. It’s how they see the world in their own eyes, and then show it to the world. That is ART. TRULY ART.Color Splash Frame Pictures, Images and Photos this picture is a color splash picture. The photographer made the color stand out. The colors are well put together. For example, the yellow stockings and yellow the belt in the dress, if it was otherwise, it would probably be a different image. The girl in the picture – it’s as if the picture in the frame is ANOTHER picture, but no, it’s all part of the show.
hair Pictures, Images and PhotosThe whole point of this picture is the hair. The whole picture is put together because of the hair. The image of these people is made because of the hair and the eyes and that’s what the photographer think is beautiful as well as others do.

This is what I mean by saying photography is art.

Stories… writing…the stories that I wrote

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a writer, a reporter and things like that. But, I hated reading, and I kind of still do. This matters because that didn’t stop me from writing. Then I lost interest in writing stories and such. Now, I read a little more, the books and writers that I like, and my mother makes me read classics, which may give me ideas at times. But, I watch a lot of shows and movies which gives me an advantage because I want to be in that field. I hear the dialogue, and that is also writing. So, my point is that I wrote things no matter what. I will show you the story that was my favorite that I wrote when I was little.

Well, I was looking through them and then I found two that I really liked. One is kind of heart breaking to me (I don’t feel like it says in the story anymore, but I used to), and one of them is funny!


People know how there are strange, cool, weird things in Orlando, Florida. Well, here is the strangest thing of all. A … a talking garbage can.

Here is a story to share with the world.

When I was 5, my parents and I were walking from the train and a garbage can said “Hi”. I was really interested and I was mean to it. I didn’t know why. I knew some English, so I was talking to it from what I knew. I was 5, I didn’t know what to do.  After 7 years, I still have that picture of it. By the end, there was a whole bunch of people around me. People were laughing. I don’t have a clear memory of it, but that is the story of me talking to a garbage can.
(unedited) (no date, but you can do the math of when I wrote this.)


You know how I was born, right? My parents fall in love, they kiss and … well … I think you know the rest unless you’re 10 or under. But, what every kid wants to know deep inside them, is what happened while they were in love, when their first kiss, when their first date, their first touch, and most of all how they really feel about each other.

Now, my parents are separated. Some kids are lucky, they have two parents living together. Some kids don’t have that. But, when somebody says “Well, don’t you feel  sad or mad or something that your parents are apart?” and then I say “no, too much time has passed and I am used to it, it’s okay” . But, deep  inside of me I know that it’s not okay. That my greatest wish is for my parents to be together once again with no trouble. Not, just together, but together with the best feeling and happy. And I know that other kinds feel like that, too.
I know a girl. Her grandmother is the mother of my parents friends. She Anyways, times I see her, she talks about her parents should get together. How they loved one another, one day long ago. She always talks about how they always kissed. How they were so sweet to each other and talked with love. How my mother always listened to my dad. I could almost see it as her grandmother explains it.

I would love to see that one more time.

So that’s that. And that is how I wrote before.