Fashions night out NYC

Fashions night out in NYC was all over NYC. Some things were in Soho, 5th avenue, the meat packing district, Lexington ave. (where Bloomingdales is) and more places. The 2 main places were Soho and 5th avenue. Soho would be more bohemian, where people would go for free drinks and shop until 9pm, Soho is a place that is awesome. 5th avenue is more upscale, more celebrities would be there and more people would be there, the large stores and name brands are in 5th avenue, for fashions night out you would go there to see the people not shop till you drop. I went to Soho. I went there because I felt like it would more fun for me. It was crowded and it was an area I would know a little better. It’s just a place I would be happy in and would go on any day. But, fashions night out for whole city is more exciting than any other day. In Soho, you could get the chance to see the BIG PEOPLE, and see men in boxes (which did happen), and see people that are dressed so nice and look like models. So, that was my night. An, exciting-crowded-wondering-around-night in the city.

P.S. the men in the boxes were plastic boxes and they were “KEN dolls” (they looked like dolls). Kind of creepy, but there was a whole lot of crowd there. Also, if I was older it would be more fun to go to different places for free alcoholic beverages. 🙂


But, they work so hard!

Sure designers have a lot of money and they have big names that are known to all people.  But, think about their past. Don’t you think that is you buy a fake bag or something it is completely not fair. They worked and still work very hard. The money used for fake bags is useless and not right. Most of them do not even look good. They don’t look real. I mean there is a reason they call them a knock off!!!!

Okay, so you want to look good for a cheap price. But, there are many things to consider. Such as, they don’t look good, people will notice, it might not match most of the clothes I wear, things like that. Besides, if you have a good look, look at your self and your own style. Get a bag or glasses that are cute and that will match your style. There really is no point of  getting a bag that is totally not you. But, if it does match your style, then get a cute bag that will match your style and obviously cheaper than the real thing but is not FAKE. cute bags in a high status store … that can fit any style (YOURS)!

Now, think of the designers. They worked so hard to get to where they are now. And, they still have to keep their status, so if there is a new bag and it’s a bomb, I bet most of the reason is that it is knocked off. Plus, none of that money goes to the designer. Besides the point that it is illegal, it’s just not fair… to anyone. You will end up not being satisfied with a bag that may not last that long, and cost you money that you could of used for a cute bag from a high status store. check out the pretty craft that people put work in and look at the ugliness of a craft that is completely inappropriate