This piece is one of my latest. I have a sketch book and I put it to use!! it has a psychedelic feel to it and I am proud of making this. I never used to draw because I didn’t know how. And now that I try, I like to know that I can actually accomplish something that I try to do.

The most times I have seen an artist name his pieces Untitled, was Christopher Wool. His exhibit was shown in the Guggenheim Museum, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan! Even if he is not there anymore, he was a great artist in the 80’s. There’s nothing like seeing his work in person, but he made all of his work in a time where art was being criticized on how there is nothing left to do. Minimalism, Impressionism, POP art, abstract art… has all been done already. He took that and embraced it and created something entirely new, that to me, just showed pure emotion.


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