Cafe Glechik review

So, today I went to this cafe on Sheapshead Bay (that’s in Brooklyn,NY). It’s a West Ukrainian themed place. I went there in the morning time (like noon). So, therefore I got breakfast. What I got could be served as lunch also because it has meat, it’s not sweet. This place doesn’t have “breakfast” “lunch” and “dinner” times. So, the waiter can’t be like “sorry ma’am, breakfast was over 4 minutes ago”. …So, I am going to show you some decorations (which I think are really good). The decorations give a meaning to the place. I love the theme and I like the food. I am used to the food somewhat. It is a little different from Russian food (I am Russian), so I am somewhat familiar with the food. Also, another fact is that the dialect from Western Ukraine is different (so my mother says, she says that she couldn’t understand ANYTHING they are saying (she’s Russian) comparison to other parts of Ukraine). From the look of the place, it looks like a village, not very city-like.
You will see it in the pictures I took. I don’t like the pictures that much because I didn’t feel comfortable to stand up and take the photos that I want.

Little things that put the whole place together

Decorations that tell a story of how it is in Ukraine

The dining part


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