Not yet…

So, there’s no video yet due to the fact that I haven’t learned anything new about photography. Soon, I will, sometime this week. I’m going to learn about film photography from my friend. He keeps telling me that I know nothing about photography, and he knows plenty because, of course, he’s more experienced!! So, as a result, he is teaching me what i need to know. So, from time to time I will have a video, and a writing piece to the things I may not explain. I don’t know about the pictures, because it’s on film. And, frankly I don’t know anything about film photography, just the fact that it’s not digital.

Which brings me to another subject, the DIGITAL AGE. Which, I am pretty sure are two scary words to the elder people of the world. It’s probably a lot simpler for people. The computer is good to save things on, but on the other hand- it can crash and all the information is gone!! Cell phones are good because they’re useful- they can also be tracking devices. My point is that there are the good and the bads about the digital age. To the older people the bad overpowers the bad. And, to the new generation there is no bad!! So, yeah.

Some things make people stay on the computer for hours and hours…. (me). But, some teens are actually doing things, not only chatting with friends, but blogging, making youtube videos, looking up ways to get a job…. to follow their dreams in the digital age.  These pictures, are before and now…



  1. You got some talent. I think its really cool that you know what you want to do, and you like it and you have the drive to get a head start on your career. Your pictures are really cool and with a few more years of practice and experience, you could have your work hanging in museums. You’ll be awesome. Great stuff. Keep up the good work.

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