Material Girl

Material Girl. Madonna’s daughter Lola was the main designer of this collection. Since she is a teenager she would attract a certain crowd to buy the clothes. My opinion is that this collection was that it is a great collection. A lot of things to find in this collection for a true Material Girl. In teen vogue magazine, the August 2010 issue, there was an article about this event. It said that the they wanted to put 80’s styled clothes with a 21st century twist. The collection is held in Macy’s and the decorations are fabulous. The face of the collection is everywhere. The photo’s are great. It’s not so hard to find what your looking for. It’s organized greatly and the first people to shop there were happy and having fun.

On the first day, there were so many people, including the paparazzi. There were different agencies looking for taking pictures of clothes and girls looking at the clothes talking to their friends. It was a fun event filled with treats, clothes, and in the end the feeling of “shop till you drop”. Girls just wanna have fun. For these girls, the material girl collection is heaven. Also, they kept the of cutting the ribbon with the big scissors which was a nice touch to the whole thing.

Not only was there the feeling of being in heaven , but the face of the collection performed for people live. She signed autographs and took pictures that was organized nicely. The only thing that was not good, was when everyone was cramped into a small space to see Taylor Momsen (the face) perform. The paparazzi were blocking the view. When one person stepped onto where the paparazzi were, the rest of the people did too. Eventually the security told us to step off… that the space was only for the news, but there were people that were not working for anyone, and were still there. Otherwise, I still got a video of her singing. My friend and I combined our clothes to make it to 50 dollars or more so she could get a picture with her. They gave you a bracelet to show that you spent $50 or more, which was a smart idea. So, that wasn’t very nice. But, on the plus side, they gave out fancy drinks (non-alcohol) and candy!!

All in all, it was very different from what I’ve ever thought it would be or what I’ve ever seen before. I loved it. It was fun and exciting. The adrenaline going through your body and a smile on your face. Grab-it-if-you-like-it kind of attitude! Material Girl has clothes for a Material Girl.

If you search, Material Girl collection on, there are different websites of pictures.

And, now for some of my own pictures.



  1. hey. i really like your blog and the whole video thing is a hit. make more vids like this, i think that readers will appreciate it. and who knows, you could be the next michelle fan, but in style 😀 love you maria ❤

  2. I like it, it discusses much about important things in life and points out the “real deal” that people are missing out on, Maria is a dedicated girl for her work and writing, defiantly shows much effort, and should be nominated to be a “super duper with a cherry on top” novelist.

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