The Art of Photography

When people draw or paint or sculpt…. it is not the same as photography. Photography is when a camera captures a picture. That is the function, but my point is that the art of a camera is that it has the power to capture a moment. Whether it’s a  baby’s first steps, a couple is getting married,a man is becoming president or the steps of a flower blooming, whatever it is a camera can tell a story through it’s lens. When a photographer gets their first camera, it’s something special. Well, I am not writing this to tell you why photography and a camera is special. I want to write this because I want to tell you, whoever you are, that photography is an art.

When the camera came out, it was amazing to the people. Of course, it was with the smoke and the dark blanket thing, but it was there to capture the picture faster than it would of been painting a picture. But, then later on in time, things got easier. THE DIGITAL AGE. That of course made things really easy! With the digital camera, people barely had to make any movement, just a click of a button, its all there for you.

The professionals have it different. For them, a camera can do much more. It is art. Not, the art that I mentioned earlier. But, a picture is their own painting. It’s how they see the world in their own eyes, and then show it to the world. That is ART. TRULY ART.Color Splash Frame Pictures, Images and Photos this picture is a color splash picture. The photographer made the color stand out. The colors are well put together. For example, the yellow stockings and yellow the belt in the dress, if it was otherwise, it would probably be a different image. The girl in the picture – it’s as if the picture in the frame is ANOTHER picture, but no, it’s all part of the show.
hair Pictures, Images and PhotosThe whole point of this picture is the hair. The whole picture is put together because of the hair. The image of these people is made because of the hair and the eyes and that’s what the photographer think is beautiful as well as others do.

This is what I mean by saying photography is art.


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