Devotion to a Dream.

“Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.” is a quote to say that; when a person does something with knowing that they might not even get it their way is courage. So, this quote brings out a point that I want to make. Courage is in the people that are devoted to their dreams. The dreams that they follow all their lives, or since they found out what they want. They can know that it may not end up good in the end, and of course it can be a bumpy road. Some people may be handed a job, but some work hard all the time and work their way from there. Of course, people have different dreams, so it’s always different.

So, the thing about devotion to something… is that it is vary hard. It takes time and effort. So, if a person does not want to do that, then they don’t really want it badly enough to do whatever it takes. Of course, people shouldn’t risk anything precious to them, but if it is worth something, then in my opinion- they should go for it. There is a point where it is just over the top.  Also, everyone has more than one choice. So, if a person has a dream and they can’ t follow it, there can be choices- the choice may be to forget about it, but sometimes a person has to do that for someone else or themselves. That is part of life.

Sometimes, a person doesn’t know what they want- and it takes time to figure it out. And sometimes- a person wants to speed along the process… therefore, they cannot talk themselves out of going forth with it. And, sometimes a person knows for sure. The people that I want to be sometime is the 3rd one, and I respect all of the people that have either a dream in mind or devote their lives and themselves to a DREAM.


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