GaGa … well you know

Gaga is crazy, which people may just say that the craziness is what made her … her. She is unique and that is what made her famous. Well if that’s what made her famous then how come she has gone wild in a baseball game? The answer to that question for some people is that she threw a fit and wanted more attention. Another answer to the question is that she got bored one day and wanted to show off what she can really do outside of her performances. Well, my opinion is that she is just plain insane. But, what happened is ….

So what happened was, Gaga decided to go to a ball game, no less a METS ball game (and she doesn’t even like the METS, she is a Yankee fan). So, why did she even go to a ball game for a team she doesn’t like (unless she likes both teams)? And of course it was unfair to seat her in front of the paparazzi. Why couldn’t she find another seat, she is Lady Gaga! SO, she goes somewhere and then (as i understand) comes out with bejeweled panties and bra. So, why would she do that. To show the people what she can do? People already know, I mean she is GAGA!!

It is so rude, she took so much attention from the base ball players to her. The whole point was for people to come to watch the ball game.

I always knew that she was crazy (sometimes in a good way) with her music and stage performances. I always knew that she had to be somewhat crazy outside of that. And, I know, I am not psychic, but you could see. In her videos with her interesting outfits. And, when she goes to celebrity gatherings she dresses uniquely. We, get it, she is … her.

But this time, gaga gone loco. This time she did it totally inappropriately and BADLY. She always does with style, and I must say, she definitely did this with style. The whole thing. But, in a bad way. Not cool.


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