Smoking and toddlers don’t go together

Everyone knows smoking is bad… but a 2 year old child!!! First of all, who is lighting him up? And where is he getting those cigarettes in the first place. I know if he doesn’t get a cigarette he will bang his head against the wall, but where did he get his first three cigarettes. I imagine it took him less then that to get hooked.  How can he possibly be handling such thing?

Some people may be worshiping him, but I think he is probably the only toddler or child that can handle this and not get sick. It is quite shocking actually, in a bad way… scary shocking. The kids dad thought nothing of it which is really weird. But, the government of Indonesia are sort of bribing them with a car, because they are ashamed of have a smoking toddler in their country. So, the kid has to go to therapy and now he is down to 15 cigarettes a day… but still smoking.

I sound like a news cast lady… I will tell you my opinion and how many others may or may not feel.

So, i feel like this is totally inappropriate and inconsiderate. It’s a dissappointment and completely … you know what- it’s just bad. Very very bad and wrong!!! The most surprising part is that the parents think nothing of it, well… nothing bad of it. The father even said that the child looks quite healthy. Okay, news flash!!! but if your toddler is smoking, then it’s not healthy. You are not healthy, and child is obviously not healthy!! Explain to me how they think that it is okay for a child to smoke, correction- toddler to smoke, what, did they ever hear of a toddler smoking. Of course it is abnormal. And then on top of all that, they would rather make their kid stop smoking for a car than for the kids health and mental life.

ALl in all, I don’t think that it is the child’s fault, but the parents fault. what, does the kid know any better, most kids probably don’t know how to talk or read or anything. People probably have a mental image of this child having an adult mind, NO!!, he is still another toddler form Indonesia that SMOKES, and doesn’t know any better.  This is just disgusting.


One comment

  1. Well, many kids don’t know any better. Are people only going to comment or do something about it?

    Thanks, keep up good work!!!

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