Yes, all people judge, what really ticks me off though is that  people that actually make a living of it. I know it’s a great job and everything- get all the food, watch the movies, whatever. But, they are so weird. I cannot find the words to describe it, but I can find the words to express how I feel about them. One of the family friends are old fashion, meaning no zagat, no internet weather, etc. he uses the critics opinion. The point is, he keeps on telling me that a person has his own critic to trust and follow. Over the many years of being alive, you eventually find that one or two critics that have the same taste as you.

But, are you seriously telling me that you people aren’t a bit curious about why they think it is a bad movie, even though there are good actors and actresses, and even though it has one of you top five directors filming the movie? Do all people need someone out there, not knowing them, to tell them whether or not something is good. When a person looks at a newspaper or on the internet, one of the things they look at is the movies out there or the books that are published. But, people have their own mind. Even though the reviews are bad, (which is most likely a lot of the time) you can never truly know whether or not if you like it or not. And you will never know because of a bad review. There are also those people that are so stubborn, that no matter what they won’t simply try something new- not even for their friends or family.


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