teen werewolves

When a person does something completely new, they have to consider the rumors. If they do consider the things people may or may not be saying about them then they are unbelievably courageous. The teen werewolf "clique" is a group of teens that wear tails and other things such as chains or "leashes" . They stand together and are there for each other. They are alike just like any other clique in a high school. Some people may think of them as weird, pathetic, stupid, all of the above. While others can think that these teens are brave, don't care what the society thinks, and are expressing themselves in a beautiful and wild way.

People that think this is a good thing and teens that are doing it has a positive impact on others and themselves.Maybe they're just trying to tell others that they want to find themselves and if others feel this way then they can come and join the family. If you have the same interests then why not?? This is just a clique, just like the cheerleaders and the jocks or the stoners and the goth- rocker people. Everyone has their own particular style... and of course, as society wants it- it has to fit under a specific category. They're not harmful, they're not bothering anyone, and they're not breaking any rules or laws. They may stand out, but they don't cause any interference. The only interference is in their and their families lives. So, why can't these teens express who they want to be in a totally new way. Some of these teens  can say it may be new but it is definitely in the air. So this is how the teen wolves are not bad in any way what so ever. The only thing they might be doing is finding a loop hole to the school dress code.

The people may be thinking and might be putting the word out there in a negative way. "We don't want animals here. Not only are they putting a bad influence on our own children or friends, but they are also making such a fuss. This could be going all over the country, and who wants that. Leashes, tails??? This is madness. And they say that they're not a GANG, and that gangs are posers and want attention!! I mean I am definitely not for gangs, but these wolves are doing the same exact thing. They mean to hurt no one but they do draw attention. SO what is the purpose of these wolves and why can't they "have a family" that they can talk to some other way!!" That is what a person completely against this would say.

WHY??? any ideas?? If you have your own opinion and you don't want to reveal your opinion then in the name box sign anonymous.

P.S. : the news says that they are like were wolves in the way that they are transitioning in this stage of life (teen to adult) and that it is like a metaphor in the way that it is a HUGE change...

The usual view of werewolves is nothing like this. So they are just trying to put a different perspective into the world.



    1. Hey! You came to my blog, so I came to yours. Phenomenal. Your perspective is so “open” and I love people with open minds.

      Keep up the great writing… I can’t wait to come back.

    2. its just another clique i don’t understand why anyone finds these guys interesting if they wanna wear tails let them wear tails i dont really see why everyone gives them so much attention. I like your writing and the both points of view but that’s what I think.

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