Metaphorical sayings

Me and my friend had a conversation about things that were in a sarcastic tone, but in a funny way. She said that she hates the letter Q because its an O wanna be with a line!! And same with the R and Y which are also wanna be letters with extra things dangling there.

I think that this can be used as a figure of speech. Those letters are kind of  like  people.  Most people are the same. Same body parts, same hair aspects (if that makes sense). The differences are just dangling out in the open. People have different types of personalities, but there are people that have things in common and are basically the same.

There are other things that the letters resemble. Such as TV shows, cars, stores. They all have the same goal ( i mean individually, like all cars have the same goal). It’s just those details that makes everyone and everything different.

The only exception is THE FAKE. A fake Gucci is suppose to serve the same purpose as a real Gucci. But, it is completely different for people who understand the meaning of a real thing. They see what is the real thing and make the fake stand out because of it’s mockery. It is completely not fair because the real thing worked hard to get where it is today. THE FAKE is the enemy. The letters are different because it is similar but not exactly the same trying to be something it’s not.

All of these things are metaphorical, weather or not it’s someone you know, or something u own, etc.

This may not make sense but if you actually think about it, it could make sense.


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