In every relationship there is a friendship. Friendship should last a life time. No matter who it is with, weather it si with different people or the same, it should be there all the time.

Trust, respect, honesty… those are all components of a relationship. Doesn’t matter what kind of relationship; a marriage, friendship, between parents and their children, a dating relationship, etc. But they all have the same basic components.  Friendship doesn’t come to you like school. It doesn’t hit like a bus would (G__ forbid). A friendship takes time and effort to make. Friendship is like anything else, but it’s more important.

For those people that are not a people person, they probably have that one person in their life that they deny caring about, but they do deep in their souls. In this world of class and status, people are bound to have “friends”. Those so called friends that are meant to spend time with and just be seen with. But, for someone to be a true friend and for someone to be called a friend, they have to earn that honor.

People are actually acquaintances.  Those human beings that a person can see on the street and say hello to and have small talk with. Those are acquaintances, not friends!!! This is one of the big lessons that people learn in life.

The first time that a you get betrayed by a so called “friend”, you are in denial. You say that’s it is not fair!! Eventually you get over it and if the relationship is over, then you say that’s it is just one person… but you really have to think about if a person is really and truly a friend.

If it turns out a different way. For example you stay friends with that person, you have to move on and learn from your mistakes. After arguments and disagreements you now know more and more about that person. Such as what they like or don’t like, what are some touchy subjects for that person. But, they should reciprocate their feelings, meaning they should feel the same way.

My friend says that everyone has their ways, and in life everyone has to deal with the fact that no one is perfect.

There is a lot to say about a friendship and other relationships… but people should really look out for who they would get along with best. When a person has the personality, you have to understand that not everyone is the same as you. ALL THAT MATTERS IS THAT IF SOMETHING MAKES YOU HAPPY THEN YOUR FRIEND SHOULD LET IT GO AND BE HAPPY FOR YOU, UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES WHERE IT IS REASONABLE!!!


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