forgive, u dont have to forget

Forgiveness is a pattern

it happens all the time

when u are angry

all u want to do is mime

to the person u are mad at

you want to act like

there is a hat

there on your face

they makes you feel hopeless

its all just a big mess

sorry sorry sorry they say

and those words are useless

sincerely i apologize

finally the words come out

i forgive

now the victim can live

and go on with their lives

knowing they did something wrong

and the memory will last long

but it doesn’t matter anymore

happiness is in the air

and now we can all share

the happiness in our hair

YAY for everyone

no more need to moan

forgiveness is like a loan

its all shown

in the manual

this is all i have to say

so read it if you may

‘Its people that need a manual not cars” – from sisterhood of the traveling pants


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