Parents have a dream for their children…

Parents are dumb when they think they can force their children into being something the children do not want to be. What parent would actually give birth to a child and then say  “he is going to be a lawyer, we are going to put him into the best law school and everything”. It doesn’t make sense.  In my opinion, those parents are completely blind.

When the parent(s) find out that their kids end up to be something that the parents didn’t want the kids to be, they get upset and act like nothing happened. Some parents don’t want to except the fact that their children want to be something else. It’s quite upsetting.

In the olden days parents were upset about gender… they wanted a boy. If it wasn’t a boy, it would be like the girl does not even exist. Then later it would be about who their kids would like, are they gay or not. Some parents are very scary, so sometimes kids are very scared and then they don’t follow their dreams.  Now, parents worry about careers. Obviously, most parents don’t care about weather or not the child is gay because I know many many people that are gay ( well mostly bisexual).
I know that most parents love their children, but I am talking about the parents that don’t except their kids for who they are for these reasons


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  1. i dont know what kind of parents u have but my parents are cool with whatever i do just i have to be close to god and some parents still get upset if there son/ dutuar is not the ‘RIGHT’ gender

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