EMINEM inspires people to do things he does or he inspires people to do what he did in life that he transformed into songs. I love Eminem. In his songs he inspired me to laugh at life. Of course I didn’t go through half the things he went through, but things that are bad in my life I can learn to live past them and then laugh at them!!

In his songs he talks about life and love for his children and wife. When he has songs about his children they’re always upsetting. But, his songs are telling his listeners a messages. In his songs about his family , he is upset and guilty that he is not with them enough. When  he sings the listeners know that he does love and have feelings even with all the things that happened in his life.

His songs are usually funny. I personally think that he tries his pain through comedy. Most of his lyrics are about tough things in his life, but then he makes fun of it. He has many personalities. But he portrays them all, because he tries to show that all people have more than one feeling.

The thing that inspires me the most is that he keeps on going. He keeps on walking. There are those songs that he makes me laugh, but there are those songs that are serious. Very serious. They make me think. But he just keeps on living with his comedy and his family.

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