It’s the 70’s again!!! teenagers and protest.

Teenagers are starting protests all over again. From all the people I met that were young in the 70’s told me that there were many protests that they attended. Of course, like most protests, the crowd is complaining about the government’s decisions. In the 70’s the protest was about the Vietnam war. Now, high school kids are protesting about educational budget cuts.The days of protesting are now in play again.

There was a freshman college girl that made a page for protesting on budget cuts on She organized this to be in New Wark, New Jersey. She added many people that were in high schools to come to the protest. Who would of knew that thousands of students would come? And who would of knew that a person not even in high school, but knows what is going on in the world, would start a huge protest?

It’s good to know that people other than adults follow what is going on in the news and the government. The stereo typical teenager to most adults is that teens are oblivious and only see what they want and choose to see. But, in this protest it was different. In this protest, teens proved more than just that budget cuts are wrong. They also showed that they know what is going on in this world (well at least in the U.S. )!!!

The question is, do protests even work? Protests can lead to many negative things. But the goal mainly is, is to make the government hear what you have to say.

Let’s see what is going to happen… we will see.



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