Isn’t it funny when something is found all over again

Its funny when you find things that you made or wrote a while ago. Not too long ago, but just the right amount of time that you may or may not forgotten about it. This is a poem I wrote and I just found. (Some of you may have read it when I wrote it).

My heart has turned into ice

The world is not so nice

There’s no one to love

Everyone just wants to shove

It’s mostly just hurt and pain

Nobody is ever sweet as a candy cane

I want to go to a place that’s filled with roses

Love is being washed away with a hose

No more chemistry, no more candles being lit

The world is full of shit

I want my life to be as warm as hot coco in the winter

The heat between people shouldn’t be cold by being mintier

This is what I have to say

So read it if you may.

I wrote it a while ago and I wrote in one of my classes. I don’t know if that’s how I felt or if I wrote it because I was bored. I completely forgot about it and then I was trying to find something and I found it.


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