Fur coats… both sides of the story

My first blog is about something controversial and something many people think about and protest against. This is not the main thing to protest against, but in the past it did cause chaos and the subject has faded, but I still think about it. I am not giving an opinion or anything I just want to get it straight and not twisted.

Fur coats is a subject that may have gone out of style. The new fashion for protest is abortion and budget cuts. Fur coat protests are so  out of style right now. That is so ten years ago. But!! I am still bringing it up and telling you people both sides of the story.

The side of the story for the people that wear fur coats and wear them proud:

If someone were to walk into a fashion magazine,  anyone that would wear a fake fur coat would be caught dead. If there is someone in anything remotely having to do with fashion wearing a FAKE fur coat then they probably wouldn’t come out of there alive or at least wouldn’t be accepted there and can’t show their face there again.

There are different types of fur coats. I think the more rare the more a person is respected. In other words, the more expensive the more a person is respected. Also, if it makes people of those that are against it, most of the fur coats are made from rabbit. Even though rabbits and bunnies are cute, they also reproduce a LOT.

I believe if  people that eat meat can not judge. Meat is murder. So are fur coats. But the only difference is that eating meat only makes a person full and fur coats make a person warm, comfortable and not better for the skin then synthetic and artificial clothing. Fur coats are soft and nice to touch unlike THE FAKE.

The side of the story for the people that despise fur coats and would never wear them proud:
“Fur coats are murder, and I am a vegetarian. Even if I wear a fake fur coat, it still will not be murdering an animal. Animals that are being killed and every death caused by humans that cause more extinction and endangerment in the world. Even if I was not vegetarian I would still be against this because meat is the best way to get protein, but that’s not the case.”  That’s probably what the people that is completely against this would say.

So those of you with no open mind or a mind as open as it can be, this is probably what both sides would say. And this is what I would say.



  1. well…what can i say….well chosen topic, but many grammatical errors, but still touching to thy heart.
    now to my actual comment…i agree with the non-fur coat wearers, murder is murder, just not cool…. i also agree with the fur coat wearers, bunnies do multiple quickly, so why not limit them? for if they are in huge quantities, there will be bunny poop all over the place…poop is poop…i guess i would want to live in a world of fur rather than a world of poop…. but i really like this post

  2. This is verry intrasting its verry nice to know some one is still out there carering 🙂 good arguments and nice topic .keep it up x).

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